Machine Learning/ Math Explainers
Precision, Recall and F1 Score
Nov 2018

Intuition behind Precision,Recall,F1 Score, Harmonic Mean for beginners

Secretary Problem. Strategy to select the Best Candidate
A walk through Machine Learning Conference held at Toronto
Introduction to the concept of Cross Entropy and its application
Oct 2016

Example usecase of Cross Entropy as a loss function

Build a Neural Net to solve Exclusive OR (XOR) problem
AI Winter. How Canadians contributed to end it?
Perceptron Learning Algorithm in plain words
Maximum Likelihood Estimate and Logistic Regression simplified
Deep Learning highlights Month by Month
Jul 2016

If you haven’t been able to regularly keep track of breakthroughs in deep learning, you might want to bookmark this page

Intuition behind concept of Gradient
IPO Stocks Performance in 2019
S&P500 2018 returns
Let's learn about Convertible Note
SP500 Stocks Performance in 2017
General Topics/Tutorials
DeepLearning for Tabular data
Jun 2020

Deeplearning for tabular data with high cardinal categorical columns

How to use opencpu for remote procedure calls with REST API
Nov 2019

OpenCpu lets you create and retrieve R objects via http(s). OpenCPU creates a server for R objects.

Immense Power of Interactive Math Explainers
Sep 2017

Benifit of visualizing the problem space